Subscribing to a Feed

What does Subscribing to a Feed mean?

A "feed" is a particular kind of website that updates frequently.

For example, I update this blog about once or twice per week. Instead of coming to my blog every day of the week to check and see if I've posted something new, you can actually be notified when I update my site. This will happen if you subscribe.

There are two ways to subscribe: 1) By email, or 2) With a feedreader.

Option 1) Subscribe by email: You will receive an email whenever I update my website with new information. This comes to you in the simple form of an email, with the new information in the email for you to read.

Option 2) Subscribe with a feedreader: If you already receive too many emails to keep track of, then it might be a good idea to use a feedreader. A feedreader (for example, the one I use is Feedly) is like an email inbox, but it is for your subscriptions. You are notified in your feedreader whenever your subscriptions are updated! Right now, I'm currently subscribed to many different sites:
  • WHCS News & Events updates (here)
  • Portland Public Schools news updates (here)
  • Other blogs: personal (friends) and public (i.e., Google blog)
  • Imago Dei Community (my church) updates (here)
  • Free Technology for Teachers updates (here)
  • and lots more!
And I don't have to go to any of the websites to read the new information! I can just go to the feedreader, and it sends me all of the updates that they publish on their sites! It's like an inbox for my favorite websites!
This is a great tool that I recommend for everyone.

Below are a few icons that represent feeds. You may have seen these on some of your favorite websites. It means that they also have feeds that you can subscribe to.

To stay updated in this way, please subscribe to my website.