First week with the Van Kleek clan!

I have had a wonderful first week getting to know all of the students in the Pod furthest from the main office. :-) I have memorized everyone's names and am hoping I don't forget them over the weekend. Haha, just kidding. :-)

The first day was spent explaining my rules and procedures to the class, along with filling them in on the consequences for breaking them.

This week in...
Algebra 1 - We have continued in chapter 3, and will have a mid-chapter quiz on Monday!
Math 8 - We are working on finding the intersection point of two lines. Remember to practice your graphing skills!
Science - We are reviewing cells and the functions of the organelles inside of animal/plant cells. The cell drawings are due next Tuesday.

I am having lots of fun with the students, and it is nice to feel more comfortable after having already spent a quarter at Walt Morey. Please let me know if you have questions or need help with anything!!

--Mr. Riedl