Weekly Update 12/11/10

Test Corrections: I gave my students the opportunity to do test corrections on their mistakes from their math test last Friday. They have a chance to earn back 1/2 the points missed by identifying their mistakes, correcting them, and completing the problem the right way. I certainly hope they take advantage of this, and they can turn it in any time before the end of the quarter. 

Food Drive: My ESP students have been bringing in food to help families over winter break, and we were in the running at the beginning with the class having the 2nd most amount of items brought in out of the school. But now we are behind and need to make up ground! Please bring in items on Monday, since it's the last day of the food drive.

Math State Testing: This will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, the 15th and 16th. It will be the first round of state testing, as there will be opportunities to improve in the spring as well.

Progress Reports!: These will be coming out the middle of next week, and will need to be returned before winter break. 

Making up late work: Please encourage your student to get all of the assignments they are behind on before the break so they have stuff to work on over the two week vacation. A perfect time to bounce back academically!

I hope everyone has a wonderful winter break! I know I certainly will, as Jen and I are expecting our first baby boy on the 18th! I will be sure to let everyone know how Nolan's birth goes and how we are adjusting to the changes in our family.

--Mr. Riedl