May 2011 Update

After teaching for five weeks now, I have realized that the end of the year has a big effect on student behavior. Thankfully, I have noticed a bit of a change since implementing my Riedl Rules. I wish I had given them all 40 rules at the beginning of the year!

My Algebra 1 class has been very gracious to me, as I am trying to re-learn what I missed during third quarter. I believe we are finally on the same page, and I am excited to be teaching them about parabolas in chapter 9! We are going to have lots of fun graphing beautiful curves together.

My Math 8 classes started a new book at the beginning of the quarter, so I have been enjoying teaching them about angles. We have only two more blocks to go before the end of the year, and they are important ones! The Pythagorean Theorem is a very important calculation that I use most often outside of the classroom. It is coming up at the end of the month.

As for Science classes, we finished up a review of cells (much needed), and are continuing with the genetics unit that Mrs. Kellogg started. We will eventually be learning about genetic mutations and differences in the lives of people on a genetic level. The year will finish with a short couple of weeks talking about geologic time, evolution, and all of the questions that come with that controversial subject. I am getting some wonderful questions from my students and encourage them to keep thinking and pondering all that has to do with the study of life.

The last day of school is coming quickly and will be here before we know it! Parents, please remember to keep pushing your children to focus and work hard, even though we are so close to the end. The hard work will pay off next year in high school.

--Mr. Riedl