I have been playing around with Google+, Google's new social network. I absolutely love it! It is wonderful because of the fact that it is a mixture of many other social media out there, and yet, has so many wonderful new features as well.

In my opinion, it is a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, for the most part. Like Facebook, you can post any length of status updates, pictures, and links to interesting stuff you find on the internet. Like Twitter, you can follow people without needing them to accept your friend request. These are both very popular features that are different for each, but are also both found in Google+. 

Additional features in Google+ include: 
  • Circles (share stuff with only certain people) 
  • Hangouts (video chat with multiple people at the same time)
  • Huddles (mobile group chat)
  • Sparks (personalized content on the web just for you)
  • Picasa Web Albums integration 
  • Integration with Google Reader and more Google sites in the future
  • No advertisements

Lastly, as a teacher, I don't mind if students find me on here. I can choose to share only certain posts with students and the more personal stuff with close friends and family. In Facebook, I had to create a teacher page separate from my personal page in order to do that. Google+ avoids that headache. That is the beauty of "circles".

Check it out at and find me here!