Number the Stars

Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, is a book about two girls, Annemarie and Ellen, who are best friends during World War II. They are living in German-occupied Denmark, where food, clothing, and even electricity is regulated by the Nazi soldiers. Ellen's family is in danger when they begin hearing that Jewish families, like theirs, are being "relocated". Annemarie and her family go to extreme measures and risk their own lives to keep their friends out of the hands of the oppressive soldiers.

This is a great book that looks into what family life looked like in countries such as Denmark. The relationship between the girls in this story was a good enough reason to read this, but adding in the suspense and fright from the German soldiers made it even more exciting to read. For many years I looked at the cover of this book and thought it was about science fiction and some creepy little girl I though could control the stars or something. But in fact, this historical fiction depicted the tragic situations in World War II and the hope that God gave families like these to make it through the hard times. What a wonderful read!

--Mr. Riedl