Google Summit 2012 (Part 1)

We are at the Google Summit conference! It is very nice being here among other techie educators. I feel at home!


Keynote speaker Tim Lauer, my old student teaching principal at Lewis Elementary, is speaking about dispelling fear and uncertainty about technology in education. Not too much to ask. :-)

Tim is giving a brief overview of the history of technology... very educational for me, as a child of the computer generation. What?!...there was teaching before the document camera?! :-) is a place where you can find old websites that are no longer in service. I'll definitely need to check that out sometime.

Lewis Elementary has been using technology and website media for a while now. He talked about the school, site, macbooks, chromebooks, ipads, itouches, Google Nexus, Apps for Education, instant dictionary searches online (extension?), Forms for "turning in" assignments, "Readability" chrome extension, etc. Thanks, Tim, for all you've helped me with over the years! Great presentation! Glad to hear that Lewis is continuing to make great strides with the students.

Google Summit 2012