Weekly Newsletter: Week 6 of 37

Important Dates
Oct 08 - Parent Meeting #1 (7pm)
Oct 18 - No School (Teacher Dev. Day #1)
Oct 19 - No School (Teacher Dev. Day #2)
Oct 20 - The 5th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Riedl's wedding day!
Oct 26 - Hoop-A-Thon
Nov 02 - Picture Retakes
Nov 12 - No School (Veterans Day)
Nov 19,20,21 - No School (P/T Conferences)
Nov 22,23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 29 - Chorale performing at Washington Square Mall (6pm)

Curriculum and Tests
- Bible - Walk Thr. Bible | Peacemakers | Romans 12:4-5 quiz Friday
- Math - 2-14 to 2-18
- Science - Ecosystems Unit: Nitrogen Cycle, Biomes/Climates
- History [Mrs. Proulx] - Geography Unit | Rivers quiz Thursday
- Reading - Summarization skill in Ultimate Field Trip story
- Spelling - Core words: correct, bed, measure, straight, base | Tests weekly
- Grammar - Direct objects | Prepositions (D-O) quiz Friday
- Writing - Continuing "Word Choice"

Parent Questionnaire
If you are a parent of a student in my class, please click here as soon as you can to complete the questionnaire. This will help me to be the best teacher that I can be. Thank you!

Music Announcement from Mrs. Brumley
Bright red Christmas Lyric #1 Sheets were given to students last week. Towards our pursuit of excellence, the first of two lyric quizzes is on Wednesday, October 31st.

Books for Book Reports
Last Thursday I told the students they have a week to choose a Realistic Fiction or Historical Fiction book for their book reports (they'll have several weeks to read it, once it's chosen). Click here for more information about how to choose a book genre.

Lunch Detentions Reminder!
For those students in my class who do not complete at least 3 assignments on time for the week, they will be given a lunch detention the following Monday. This will give them an opportunity to reflect on how to improve their responsibility and catch up on missing work.

Person of the Week: Savannah Braun

Teacher Contact
Mr. Riedl - 503-977-5485 - aaron.riedl@whcs.org
Mrs. Proulx - 503-977-5488 - sylvia.proulx@whcs.org

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