Weekly Newsletter: Week 7 of 37

Important Dates
Oct 18 - No School (Teacher Dev. Day #1)
Oct 19 - No School (Teacher Dev. Day #2)
Oct 20 - The 5th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Riedl's wedding day!
Oct 26 - Hoop-A-Thon
Nov 02 - Picture Retakes
Nov 12 - No School (Veterans Day)
Nov 19,20,21 - No School (P/T Conferences)
Nov 22,23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 29 - Chorale performing at Washington Square Mall (6pm)

Curriculum and Tests
- Bible - Walk Thr. Bible | No memory verse
- Math - 2-16 to 2-19 | Chapter 2B Quizzes returned Monday
- Science - Wrapping up Ecosystems Unit | Unit Test Wednesday
- History [Mrs. Proulx] - Continue Island project | Deserts quiz Wednesday
- Reading - Cont. summarization skill in Ultimate Field Trip story
- Spelling - Core words: mountain, caught, hair, bird, wood | Tests weekly
- Grammar - Irregular verbs | Preposition Tests returned Monday
- Writing - Continuing Word Choice | Introducing "Dress-ups"

Extra Student Help
For those students who want additional help with their work, I let them know that I am here for them. As long as they give me advanced notice, I would love to help during any recess, lunch, or after school...any day...Monday through Friday! If your child would benefit from extra help, encourage them to take the initiative and give up some of their personal time to get the help they need.

Remember to bring in your pledges to help raise money for our school! Spirit Week will be the following week, culminating with the big Hoop-A-Thon event on October 26th, so only two weeks left!

Parent Questionnaire
If you are a parent of a student in my class, please click here as soon as you can to complete the questionnaire. This will help me to be the best teacher that I can be. There are still a few parents who have not yet completed it. Thank you!

Lunch Detentions Reminder!
For those students in my class who do not complete at least 3 assignments on time for the week, they will be given a lunch detention the following Monday. This will give them an opportunity to reflect on how to improve their responsibility and catch up on missing work.

Person of the Week: Hope Squire

Teacher Contact
Mr. Riedl - 503-977-5485 - aaron.riedl@whcs.org
Mrs. Proulx - 503-977-5488 - sylvia.proulx@whcs.org

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