Weekly Newsletter: Week 10 of 37

Important Dates
Nov 12 - No School (Veterans Day)
Nov 19,20,21 - No School (P/T Conferences)
Nov 22,23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 29 - Chorale performs at Washington Square Mall (6pm)
Dec 05 - Early Pickup (1pm)
Dec 07 - Christmas Program (7pm, feat. 5th/6th Grade)
Dec 13 - Band Concert (7pm)
Dec 20 - End of 1st Trimester
Dec 21-Jan 01 - No School (Christmas Break!)

Curriculum and Tests
- Bible - Walk Thr. Bible, Biblical Choices | Rom. 12:9-10 Quiz Friday
- Math - Finishing Chapter 1 | "Pop" Quiz Monday
- Science - Space Unit (cont.) | Space Project due date on calendar
- History [Mrs. Proulx] - Island presentations | Mesopotamia Unit (cont.)
- Reading - Cause & Effect skill in Pipiolo story (cont.)
- Spelling - Words: bright, sent, present, plan, rather | Tests weekly
- Grammar - Irregular verbs (cont.) | Irregular Verbs ('fly' to 'run') Quiz Friday
- Writing - Word Choice and "Dress-ups" (cont.)

New Option for Organization: ACCORDION FOLDERS!!!
I pitched the idea of accordion folders to my students, with an overwhelming response: 17 out of 23 students were interested in using accordion folders rather than binders! I have seen many students have a hard time with binders this year, so I am offering to donate one high-quality accordion folder to each student for FREE! Please read my detailed blog post, Binders vs. Accordion Folders, for more information regarding the two methods of staying organized at school. If your child wants a free accordion folder, I will be labeling them myself and distributing them over the next couple of weeks.

New Classroom Storage Space for Students
Because we have had so many students prematurely take home and recycle assignments that I had yet to record in my gradebook, I created a storage space in my classroom for students to put all of their graded work. In the crate on the counter adjacent to the door, each student has their own hanging folder to keep their graded assignments in. Note: This is optional. It is simply another choice for students who often lose papers at home.

Parent Survey
All parents should have already received an email regarding the Parent Survey. Please complete this survey as soon as you can, as it is important for the future of our school! Thank you.

Upcoming Science Project
If you did not read the information about the Space Science Project from Mrs. Swain, please read last week's newsletter.

Mrs. Proulx's New Website!
Our very own Mrs. Proulx put together a website and took the big leap to make it public for all to see! Please visit her site by clicking HERE! I'm so proud of her! :-)

Person of the Week: Gabriel Askew

Teacher Contact
Mr. Riedl - 503-977-5485 - aaron.riedl@whcs.org
Mrs. Proulx - 503-977-5488 - sylvia.proulx@whcs.org

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