Newsletter: Week 31 of 37

Week of April 29 - May 3, 2013

Upcoming Events

  • May 01 - Mr. Riedl's class leads chapel for Grades 3-5. Visitors welcome! (8:30am in auditorium)
  • May 06 - 6th Grade Outdoor School informational meeting (following the Parent Meeting at 7pm)
  • May 08 - Progress Reports emailed home
  • May 24 - No School | Teacher work day
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Curriculum and Exams

  • Bible - Finish Lip Dub Video and play for May 1st chapel | Quiz Friday: 1 Peter 5:5
  • Math - Review, Chapter 7 Test Tuesday | Begin Chapter 8
  • Science - Energy, Work, and Machines Unit (cont.)
  • History [Mrs. Proulx] - Middle Ages Unit (cont.) | Due Thursday: Research paper 1st draft
  • Reading - Begin The Cay in "The Night of San Juan" (cont.)
  • Spelling - Unit 23: Core words TBA | Tests weekly
  • Grammar - Adverbs Unit (cont.)
  • Writing - Finish "In A Nutshell"
  • Music - Test Friday: Romantic Period

MAP Testing

Please do your very best to make sure students are present at school on the following days for our upcoming MAP Testing:

  • Thursday, April 25th (8:30-9:30am) Done!
  • Monday, April 29th (2-3pm)
  • Wednesday, May 8th (9:45-10:45am)

The third date is for make-up MAP tests, so it is only for those students who need extra time or if students happened to be absent on either of the other days. Please understand that these are the only times scheduled for our class to be tested, and there will be no exceptions for students who haven't completed their tests.

Wednesday we are leading chapel!

Please come to watch our performance as we lead chapel for grades 3-5 on Wednesday morning, 8:30am in the auditorium! Sign in at the front desk and then come down the red stairs; there will be seats for visitors. Our class has been working hard on the video (the play will be finalized on Monday and Tuesday this week) and we are looking forward to the final product!

Person of the Week (?)

Grady Killian

Other School-wide Events

Please visit the News & Events page to learn more about other school-wide events at West Hills Christian School. Please consider subscribing to stay updated. Thanks so much!

Teacher Contact

Mr. Riedl | | 503-609-0109 |
Mrs. Proulx | visit her website | 503-977-5488 |

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