Videos: Real beauty & shadow art dancing

Below are two viral videos currently being viewed across the globe. I wanted to share them both because of the depth and meaning behind each one.

In the first video, Dove shows a fascinating experiment they created, called Real Beauty Sketches. The idea is to have a professional sketch artist draw a person's own description of what the person looks like, and then a new sketch of another person's description of the same person. The differences are startling. "You are more beautiful than you think" is the tagline of the project. I hope to continually remind my wife and daughter that their beauty is deeper than the image reflected back in the mirror, and that we ought to ultimately look to Jesus' heart for beauty.

In the second video, Britain's Got Talent introduced Attraction Shadow Theatre, an artistic dancing group, telling a thoughtful, meaningful story to music in this clip. This is such a creative idea, with endless potential in communicating life and emotion.