Destroying a Prince Rupert's Drop in Slow Motion = AWESOME

I often show clips from Smarter Every Day to my students and have linked to Destin's other videos on my blog in the past. This recent episode literally caused my jaw to drop to the floor (Okay, not literally... but it is seriously amazing! Keep reading!).

A Prince Rupert's Drop is a glass object created by dripping molten glass into cold water. It looks something like a tadpole with a long squiggly tail. Because of it's amazing physical structure, it can withstand high amounts of pressure on the larger end without breaking, but if the tail is even slightly damaged, it EXPLODES!!!

Destin from Smarter Every Day filmed this in slow motion (130,000 fps!) to show exactly how it breaks. This is such an amazing technological feat to be able to see something like this, you MUST watch this video below! Hopefully you are as in awe of science as I am right now. :-)
--Mr. Riedl