Missing Work Procedures & Returning Graded Work

Many families like to know the process of where graded work goes after I enter it into my grade book. Additionally, it is important to know what to do when a student has missing assignments and what their options are. Please use the guide below to familiarize yourself with our classroom procedures.

Missing Work Procedures

Step-by-step help for students
I update my grade book every Thursday evening. Afterwards, I send a quick email to parents and students, notifying them that the online grade book has been updated (see: Grade Book Info coming soon!). They are both notified via email, but I also post a hardcopy of the missing work list in my classroom for students to see.

If an assignment is missing, there could be a number of reasons for why I don't have it: The student forgot to write their name on it, they were absent when it was assigned, they were absent when it was turned in, they were irresponsible by not turning it in, they were unable to finish it because there was a family emergency, and many more. I am sensitive to those excuses that are understandable. However, these are the two most common reasons for why something is missing:
   A) They forgot their name
   B) They never turned it in

Many students come to me right after they discover one of their assignments is missing, pleading, "But Mr. Riedl, I know I turned that in!" Since it is important that these students learn to be responsible for their own work, they must realize that they are often able to figure out a solution to their problem without even approaching me. To help my students, I have created a step-by-step process instructing them what to do if they have a missing assignment: 1) Don't panic, 2) Check the No Name Basket, 3) Check their graded work packets or other places, and then 4) Talk to Mr. Riedl if they can't figure it out for themselves (see image to the right).

Returning Graded Work

Graded work is returned to students each Friday. All of the assignments that were entered into the grade book that week are stapled together into a graded work packet for the students to keep at home. I have repeatedly reminded students to NEVER recycle graded work until after they receive their report cards at the end of the term. It is important to save all graded work in case there is a mistake in the grade book, then the student can bring it in and show me it was indeed completed and graded. I will immediately update the grade book to fix the error.

I care deeply about preparing my students to be organized and well-equipped for their futures. As they learn and grow to be more responsible, taking matters into their own hands, then they will gain a better sense of accomplishment and readiness to take on problems that they encounter. It is wonderful to see their improvement with this over time!

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