Principal Stefan taking a pie to the face!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have been having fun with the Auto Awesome feature on Google+ Photos, and one of the features is creating an animated image from a series of pictures.

Once we met our Hoop-A-Thon fundraiser goal, Mr. Stefan agreed to get pied in the face by the student who raised the most money! During yesterday's assembly, he was wearing his pig costume again (which he wore after we also reached our goal during the Take Action Inc food drive), and we were all in for a show!

When Mr. Stefan was getting pied, I took a series of shots and then Google+ put them all together into this hilarious, looped masterpiece! :-) Check it out, embedded below.

Principal Stefan takes a pie to the face - Mr. Riedl on Google+

Note: The animated image might take minute or two to load if your internet connection is slow.