Inspiring Girls in Science and Technology

This video made me cry this morning. When watching this video, I couldn't help but think of my own little girl, Delaney, and how she will be all grown up in no time. Additionally, because of my love for science, it tugged on my heart for what she might want to be when she grows up.

I hope that I can be a good father and teacher to Delaney as she learns what her passions are. Not only a teacher to her, but also to all of the female students in my classes. My hope is to inspire in them a love for science, learning, and discovering their own passions. I'm not really sure why this is a Verizon commercial, but it's a great motivation to me to never forget that the little comments I say can make a big difference in the long run. Enjoy!

Verizon Commercial 2014 | Inspire Her Mind - Extended | Verizon Wireless

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