Welcome Letter 2014-2015

Welcome to fifth grade in Mr. Riedl’s classroom!

I am very excited about this year! Hopefully, you are ready for many firsts this year. This will be your first year in fifth grade, your first year to use lockers, and also your first year with a teacher who has a Pez collection! As we approach many new experiences together, I believe that God has brought all of us into this class for a reason, and I hope that you desire to grow in Christ and grow in learning this year as much as I want to.

Just a bit about me: I am beginning my third year teaching at West Hills, but before that I taught two years of eighth grade in public schools, teaching math and science. I am married to a wonderful wife named Jen, we have a boy named Nolan (almost four years old), and a girl named Delaney (almost two years old). I love ultimate frisbee, baseball, and pretty much any other sport. Technology is a passion of mine, as I have my own teacher website and blog. Please go check it out at Riedlteach.com. Last but not least, collecting Pez dispensers is a big hobby of mine. You will definitely see them spread across the walls of our classroom when you enter for the first time, if you haven’t already. To learn more about me, please visit the About Mr. Riedl page on my website.

Regarding supplies, be sure to purchase the materials listed on the 5th grade supply list. An important item to think about before the first day of school is whether or not your student will use a binder or an accordion folder. Binders are typically popular, however, I have also experienced a great deal of success with student organization last year for those students who used accordion folders. For more information, read my detailed website post: Binders vs Accordion Folders. There are many other helpful resources available on my website, including the option to subscribe by email. My website is the main way that I communicate to my families throughout the year, so please subscribe as soon as you can. The big red “Subscribe” button is found on the left sidebar. More information and tips will be given to you as time goes on, but please feel free to read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Contact Me if you have any additional questions.

Mrs. Proulx and I will be, like previous years, teaching all of the fifth graders. Our students switch classes for two of the subjects; she teaches Social Studies, and I teach Science. We both love this because we get to know all of the fifth graders, rather than just one class. I look forward to meeting your family at Open House on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd from 2:30-4:00pm (with the BBQ following immediately after) and/or at Back To School Night on Monday, Sept. 8th from 6:30-8:30pm. And, most importantly, I am excited to meet YOU on the first day! This will be a great year to learn and grow together, with Jesus guiding us into the future.

Homework assignment: Be sure to please do the following three things ASAP:
 1) Subscribe to my website to get newsletters and updates via email.
 2) Parents, complete the Parent Questionnaire.
 3) Students, check out my How To Open Your Locker video, especially for you!

--Mr. Riedl (rhymes with “beetle”)

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