Newsletter: Week 1 of 37

Sir Learnsalot welcomes you
September 1 - 5, 2014

   Welcome to the fifth grade! I am looking forward to meeting all of you tomorrow during Open House. Please watch my How To Open Your Locker video if you didn't get the chance. This is a quick run-down of what my newsletters are like. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Make it a great week, everyone!

Upcoming Events

  • This section is where I list all of the upcoming events relevant to my classroom.
  • Sep 02 - Open House (2:30pm)
  • Sep 02 - Back to School BBQ (4pm)
  • Sep 03 - First Day of School!
  • Sep 04 - Late start (9:15am)
  • Sep 05 - School Pictures today (12:45pm)
  • Sep 08 - Back to School Night (6:30pm) (parents only)
  • [more] - click to view calendar

Curriculum and Exams

  • This section is where I briefly explain a bit about each subject, what our general plans are for the week, and any upcoming exams to be ready for. This week we will be practicing procedures, getting organized, and settling in by getting to know each other.

Twitter in the Classroom

  • One of the biggest changes this year in my classroom is that I will be integrating Twitter into the writing/grammar curriculum. Please read my recent article if you haven't yet: Brand New #studentweet by @MrRiedl.
  • During Open House, when I welcome students into my classroom, I will have a quick activity for them to do after getting settled with their materials and lockers.
  • After Open House and the following Back to School BBQ, I will compile student responses and use my Twitter account to begin the first of many daily student tweets, with the hash tag: #studentweet 
  • This section of my newsletter that you are reading right now will be titled "Last Week's Student Tweets" and will include the previous week's student tweets about what they learned each day. I look forward to student creativity, growth, and learning!

Swiffer Replacement Heads

We have run out of Swiffer replacement heads for our classroom's Swiffer duster. I was too late to put it on the supply list, so I'll just ask up front in the first newsletter: does anyone have any replacement dusters for the top that you wouldn't mind donating to the classroom? We don't need the handle part, as we have an extendable handle already (see photo to the right), we just need the dusters. Or, if you wouldn't mind donating a bit of money to the cause, it helps us keep our classroom clean and tidy! Thanks so much!

Subscribe to

If you have not yet subscribed by email, then you are likely not receiving this by email. So, if somehow you are reading this and you have not subscribed, please do so by clicking on the big red "Subscribe" button on the front page of If you know of another parent or student in the 5th grade who has not yet signed up for email updates, then please encourage them to do so as well.

Back to School Night

Next Monday night, from 6:30-8:30pm, parents (no kids) are invited to come back to the classroom and learn a little bit more about me, what we will be learning this year, how to stay involved, how to navigate my website, etc. Additionally, since our class switches rooms with Mrs. Proulx's class for Social Studies, she would love to meet you and answer any specific Social Studies questions or other general questions you might have for her.

Parent Questionnaire

In my welcome back letter, I asked the parents to please complete the Parent Questionnaire to give me some background info about how I can be the best teacher I can be. If you have not yet completed that, it would be great if you could do so before Back to School Night. Thank you!

Person of the Week

The "Person of the Week" (or POW) process will be explained to the students in class and to the parents on Back to School Night.

Other School-wide Events

Visit the News & Events page to learn more about other school-wide events at West Hills Christian School. Please subscribe to stay updated. Thanks so much!

Teacher Contact

Mr. Riedl | | 503-609-0109 |
Mrs. Proulx | visit her website | 503-977-5488 |

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