Our First Mystery Hangout!

The student notes below were written during the live Mystery Hangout event that we participated in today! For more information about Mystery Hangouts, please visit the Mystery Hangout community on Google+.

We are now calling Mrs. Swenson's 4th grade class. What we are doing is that we ask them questions and try to figure out where they live. The first question they asked us was "Are you west of the Mississippi River?" Natalie also just asked "Do you have a coast line?" and they said "no." That means they are somewhere without a coast line. They asked us if we live in Oregon and we said "yes." We still haven't guessed where they live yet. We asked "Do you live in Minnesota?" and we guessed right! Now they are telling us facts about their state. Now Katy is telling them cool facts about Oregon to them. Also something that is funny is that they pronounce Oregon wrong. They kind of say it like "Oregan"! It's kind of funny! I think it was fun to do this and learn more about their state.

Everyone is so pumped up!!! #pumpedup
They asked are we west of the Mississippi River? We said yes!
They asked are we in Oregon? We said yes!
I felt like it was fun!
--Kay Cee

Today we are doing our first Mystery Hangout! #MysteryHangout
Today we found out that our Mystery Hangout is in Minnesota.
Our Mystery Hangout had 25 kids in their class too.
The class lived in Litchfield.
The school name was Wagner Elementary.

We lost sadly but we did learn where they lived in Minnesota.
Today was our very first Mystery Hangout.
We were one question away from winning!

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