Newsletter: Week 31 of 37

Hoisting Mr. Riedl with pulleys
April 27 - May 1, 2015

   Congrats to all those who took part in the Pirates Spring Musical! It was a great show. Six more weeks until summer... It's going to go quickly, so let's remember to focus on the here and now, take baby steps, and enjoy the time we have together! Make it a great week, everyone!

Upcoming Events

  • May 01 - First Friday Spirit Day! ShoWHCSchooSpirit! 
  • May 05 - Annual Parent Meeting & Prayer Walk (7pm)
  • May 05 - Outdoor School Meeting for upcoming 6th graders (after Parent Meeting, in Mr. Middleton's classroom)
  • May 06 - Progress Reports emailed to families
  • May 12 - Spring Band Concert
  • May 19 - Last trip to Neighborhood House (VOLUNTEER NEEDED from 12:30-1:45)!
  • May 21 - Class Party: All Birthdays! (1:00-1:50)
  • May 22 to 25 - No School (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • May 28 - Surprise!!! (2:30pm in Mr. Riedl's room)
  • May 29 - Eva Joy Riedl Baby Shower with all 5th graders (1:00-1:50, Auditorium)
  • [more] - click to view calendar

Curriculum and Exams

  • Bible - Lesson 17/18: Saul | Verse: TBD |
  • Math - Chapter 7 | Test Tuesday
  • Science - Energy, Work, & Machines Unit | Research Assignment due Monday | Test Friday
  • Social Studies [Mrs. Proulx] - Middle Ages Unit
  • Reading - Finish Fables Unit, Begin Poetry Unit | Finish reading biography/autobiography book by 5/4
  • Writing - Presenting Student Fables | Student tweets @MrRiedl5th
  • Spelling - Integrating Wired For Reading with Sitton curriculum | Weekly quizzes
  • Grammar - Adverbs Unit
  • Other - Music [Mrs. Brumley] - Romantic Period Test Tuesday | Pirates please return all costume parts by Wednesday!

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for the Spring sessions begin the week of April 20th. To ensure results that accurately reflect student knowledge, it is important that each student has plenty of rest, has a good breakfast, and does not have interruptions (i.e., doctor appointments) scheduled during the time of their tests. Below are the specific dates/times that our class is scheduled. Please let me know if you plan to be gone any of these dates. Thank you!
 - Monday, April 20, 12:45-1:40pm
 - Thursday, April 23, 9:30-10:20am
 - Monday, May 4, 12:45-1:40pm
 - Tuesday, May 5, 2:00-2:50pm

Wobble Cushions

I have been experimenting in the classroom to see if the students would enjoy sitting on an inflatable "wobble cushion" to help with focus during the day. The idea is that it improves stability of the core muscles when balancing on it. It's like a simplified version of sitting on an exercise ball, and you can place it onto your seat or take it with you since it is portable. Anyway, the students who have tried the one in class seem to really like it. I often forget how uncomfortable the plastic chairs are that they sit on, since I am standing almost the entire day. If I was sitting, I would probably enjoy something like this if I were them. If you think your child might benefit from this, please chat with them about the pros/cons. I know that if just one student used it, they might feel awkward about being the only one, but if multiple students used it, they would likely be more comfortable with it. If anyone would be willing to donate some to the classroom, that would certainly be welcomed too. :-) They are less than $15 each and come in five colors. You can find them on Amazon here. I just wanted to make sure parents knew that it is okay to bring these to class if any of your children ask about getting one. Thanks!

Person of the Week

Caroline Squire!

Other School-wide Events

Visit the News & Events page to learn more about other school-wide events at West Hills Christian School. Please subscribe to stay updated. Thanks so much!

Teacher Contact

Mr. Riedl | | 503-609-0109 |
Mrs. Proulx | visit her website | 503-977-5488 |

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