Woof, by Spencer Quinn, is the first book in the Bowser and Birdie series. This is a great book for dog lovers. The great thing is that even though I'm not a dog lover, I still love this book. This book is hilarious all because of the fact that it is from the dog's point of view. His short attention span, much like a typical dog, leads to many laughs throughout the story.

The main reason I loved this book is because the author did such a good job putting the reader inside the mind of the main character, Bowser, who is a Bernese/poodle/shepherd mutt. He just got adopted by a new owner, Birdie, an 11-year-old girl. She lives with her grandmother in Louisiana and are dealing with a local mystery. Bowser is integral in solving the mystery because he notices things that humans often overlook. The author captures the essence of what makes dogs wonderful and how they see the world differently than we do.

I also learned a lot about the deep south, like what it's like living by a bayou and the different culture down there. I'm excited to read the other books in the series, if not just for hearing Bowser be the silly dog that he is, but also because of the exciting story. This book was off the charts!

--Mr. Riedl