Classroom Pet

Our current pet's name is Señor Pez Jr., a betta fish. In Spanish, 'pez' means 'fish', so it was, without a doubt, the perfect name! (Since Mr. Riedl collects Pez dispensers, of course!)

>> To feed the fish on the right, click on the little jar of fish food, hold it above the tank, and then click to drop food. Thanks for helping to prevent our little pez from starving! :-)


Pequeño Pez
Adopted: March 2015
Deceased: May 2015
Señora Pez
Adopted: February 2014
Deceased: December 2014
Señor Pez
Adopted: March 2013
Deceased: January 2014

"This was the scariest moment of my life." --Señor Pez