Photos & Videos

Google Photos
<< All student photos (2017-2018 school year)
All pictures taken this year will be posted here. Google Photos allows you to download individual photos or entire albums at a time, if you want to.
<< All videos
Any videos that Mr. Riedl creates are posted directly to his YouTube Channel.
<< Some student photos
Some photos from the classroom are selected to be posted on Mr. Riedl's Instagram account. These are also cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Photos from Previous Years:
2016-2017 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2015-2016 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2014-2015 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2013-2014 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2012-2013 - 5th Grade at WHCS
2011-2012 - 8th Grade at Ontario Middle School
2010-2011 - 8th Grade at Walt Morey Middle School
2009-2010 - Student Teaching: 8th Grade at King School
                      & 5th Grade at Lewis Elementary School