Q: What is the most important info that families need to know?
A: Please read the Important Info for Families page.   (QR code "handout" from Back To School Night)
Q: How can I help my fifth grader be successful?
A: I'm glad you asked! I just so happened to write a blog post answering that very question:
    Top 10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Fifth Grader Be Successful - Riedlteach.com
Q: How can students improve their grades?
A: This is answered on the Grades & Gradebook Info page, along with many other questions related to grades.
Q: I would like to volunteer in the classroom and/or chaperone on a field trip. Where do I sign up?
A: All the info you need to know is on the Volunteer Info page.
Q: What are student expectations for how to write an email to a teacher?
A: Follow the step-by-step instructions on this post:
    How to Write an Email to a Teacher - Riedlteach.com
Q: Where can I find more information about the Person of the Week (POW) Presentations?
A: All the info you need is here: Person of the Week (POW) Information
Q: Where can I find the weekly newsletters?
A: Please click on the NEWSLETTER button on the home page of this website. Click here to subscribe.
Q: Where can I find Mrs. Hawkins' website?
A: Here is the URL: http://hawkinsfifthgrade.blogspot.com/
Q: What if I have a question that is not listed here?
A: Please contact me, and I'd be happy to chat with you!