Our Classroom

Classroom Tour
Take a look inside our classroom by watching these videos! I will guide you on a tour of the room, explaining my flexible seating as well as other features that make it a fun place to learn.
Classroom Schedule
This schedule is used as a guide to follow each week. The actual schedule sometimes fluctuates day-to-day if we need to spend more or less time on any given subject.
5th Grade Teaching Overview
This spreadsheet is used as a guide for what units we cover throughout the year. This typically changes week-to-week if we need to spend more or less time on any given topic.
Mr. Riedl's Teaching Philosophy
This list of Mr. Riedl's beliefs as a teacher has not changed since his first year of teaching.
Riedl Rules & Consequences
These are Mr. Riedl's classroom rules and the consequences for not following them. This classroom management structure protects students' right to learn and enjoy school.
Timeless Tips
While not officially "rules" that he holds his students to, Mr. Riedl repeatedly reminds them these tips for future success.