Getting ready to set sail!

Well, we have decided to set sail for the New World! We are but humble pilgrims on a voyage across the Atlantic search of freedom! Both religious freedom and the hope for gaining wealth in owning our very own land drives us into uncharted territories. Although, we must certainly remember to do our best to be at peace with the natives in America. After all, we have heard many frightening rumors about them!

Here, in the photo (click to zoom), are the classroom maps of the Old World (England and Holland) and the New World (America). We are beginning to fill up our word wall with terms that we are learning throughout our colonization unit, and also marking wealth unit points to the colonies that deserve special recognition. Above the maps, we have a 2-dimensional representation of the Atlantic Ocean, with a few ships from the colonies lined up and waiting to set sail! We are planning on loading cargo onto the ships this week and starting the long voyage very soon!