Weekly Update! March 29 - April 2, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! Thankfully there was a nice bit of sunshine to get us all excited about summer, which is right around the corner.

Last week we had a wonderful time wrapping up the Read-a-thon. Remember to get the pledge money and forms turned in by March 31st! 

This week, we are preparing to set sail in Colonization by purchasing cargo for our ships. We plan to begin the sailing rounds by Friday. Each 5th grader is transforming their autobiography into a speech, which they should be practicing and attempting to memorize at home. Please help your child by listening and giving supportive feedback!

Additionally, I will be rolling out my "Riedl Rules" this week, with a goal to get these students to have the best manners out of all of the classes in the school! And we want the 6th grade teachers next year to be shocked at how polite these Lewis students are, so we're going to raise the bar very high! It will be a great goal to pursue!

--Mr. Riedl