Person of the Week (POW) Information

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Person of the Week (POW) is a chance for each student to present him/herself to the rest of the class any way they want to. They can do a slideshow, create a poster, video, website, PowerPoint, skit/play, etc. The purpose is to get to know each other and build unity in our classroom community.

The student must talk about him/herself for at least two minutes, and the entire presentation should not take longer than 10 minutes. If you make a video and are talking to us on camera, that is okay. Feel free to use the starter questions on the Person of the Week Guidelines handout to think of things to talk to the class about. Note: This will be graded and go toward the student's Citizenship grade.

Each student is randomly selected, then given the opportunity to choose which week out of the school year they want to be Person of the Week. View the schedule below, with all matched to a specific week.

Please assist your child if they need help coming up with ideas. I would love to help as well! If any of the students want to bring something in to show the class (like a pet or something bigger than a bread box), please check with me ahead of time to make sure it is allowed.

>> Click here for this year's POW Schedule