The Magic of Dentistry

These porcelain chips from my
crown were NOT as tasty as Pez
My students have already heard the story of how I broke my crown early last week. Of course, I was chomping on some Pez candy, when... CRUNCH! ...I began chewing on something that was not so sweet. My 10-year-old crown that covered my tooth was now chipped off, revealing the metal layer under the porcelain.

Thankfully, there was no pain. I went to my wonderful dentist later in the week, and he told me it would be best to replace it. Later that morning, he removed the broken crown, and put on a temporary one that I would have to use as a covering for a week while I wait for my new one to be built.

I mentioned to the doctor that I teach 5th grade and asked him if it would be alright if I take my old crown to show my students. He gladly obliged, and began to tell me about his 5th grade daughter who came home with a math problem that was even difficult for him to solve! We had a few laughs, and I went home with my temporary fake tooth.

Diagram of a crown on a tooth
Today, about a week after the first visit, I returned to the dentist chair and was shown my brand new crown inside of a row of molded teeth--model replicas of my own. When they fit my tooth for the temporary crown, they took a mold of that part of my jaw in order to best craft a tooth to fit perfectly in my mouth. I was amazed at the detail and precision that went into just creating a new tooth.

Of course, I politely asked him if I he would allow me to take home the model of my teeth, and after he jokingly said, "Aaron, you asked too many questions!" he gladly let me take it home. He finished the appointment by shining an ultraviolet light on my new crown to solidify the cement, and then sent me on my way.

I can't wait to show my class my prize!

I am truly fascinated by dentistry and the scientific magic that goes on each day in their patients' mouths. So often we take our teeth for granted, and then when we are in pain, these magicians work their knowledge and skills to give us comfort and dental peace.

What would I do without the magic of dentistry? Well, I would certainly never eat Pez again. How sad would that be?!

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