Weekly Newsletter: Week 8 of 37

Important Dates
Oct 26 - Hoop-A-Thon
Nov 02 - Picture Retakes
Nov 12 - No School (Veterans Day)
Nov 19,20,21 - No School (P/T Conferences)
Nov 22,23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 29 - Chorale performing at Washington Square Mall (6pm)

Curriculum and Tests
- Bible - Walk Thr. Bible | Romans 12:6-7 quiz Friday
- Math - Chapter 2 review | Chapter 2 Test Wednesday
- Science - Starting new unit: Space & Solar System
- History [Mrs. Proulx] - Island project due date extended to Nov.1
- Reading - New skill in Ultimate Field Trip story
- Spelling - Core words: color, war, fly, yourself, seem | Tests weekly
- Grammar - Irregular verbs (cont.) | Prepositions (P-Z) quiz Friday
- Writing - Word Choice (cont.) | Introducing "Dress-ups"

Hoop-A-Thon Spirit Week!
Spirit Week themes:
 ... School Color Day (Monday)
 ... Hat Day (Tuesday)
 ... Crazy Day (Wednesday)
 ... Sports Day (Thursday)
 ... Costume Day (Friday)
Our class voted on Friday's "Costume Day", which means that they can pretty much dress up however they want to. Limitations: No inappropriate costumes such as a witch, axe-murderer, or anything that might offend or upset another student.
Remember to bring in your pledges to help raise money for our school! The big Hoop-A-Thon event is this Friday, October 26th!

Music Update from Mrs. Brumley
1) Chorale meets after school Tuesday, Oct.23 3-4pm (I know this is late info. I am very sorry.)
2) Wednesday, Oct.31 - Christmas Lyric Quiz #1

Helping Your Child Clean Out Their Binder...
Question 1: What student work can stay at home?
It is great that many of my students' parents want to help their child stay organized and clean out their binder with them. However, sometimes I have the students grade their own paper and then keep it until further notice. Please remember to only clean papers out of their binder if there is a grade on it written by a teacher. This means that I have entered it into my gradebook and it is ready to be kept at home.
Question 2: What should I do with student work that stays at home?
Please keep all graded student work in a folder at home until after report cards. If there is an error in the gradebook, then you can show me the graded student work as evidence that they did, in fact, do the work. That way, the student doesn't need to redo anything if they have already completed it once.

Extra Student Help
For those students who want additional help with their work, I let them know that I am here for them. As long as they give me advanced notice, I would love to help during any recess, lunch, or after school...any day...Monday through Friday! If your child would benefit from extra help, encourage them to take the initiative and give up some of their personal time to get the help they need.

Person of the Week: Maggie Suter

Teacher Contact
Mr. Riedl - 503-977-5485 - aaron.riedl@whcs.org
Mrs. Proulx - 503-977-5488 - sylvia.proulx@whcs.org

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