Weekly Newsletter: Week 9 of 37

Important Dates
Nov 02 - Picture Retakes
Nov 12 - No School (Veterans Day)
Nov 19,20,21 - No School (P/T Conferences)
Nov 22,23 - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 29 - Chorale performing at Washington Square Mall (6pm)

Curriculum and Tests
- Bible - Walk Thr. Bible, Peacemakers | Romans 12:8 quiz Friday
- Math - 1-3 to 1-7
- Science - Space Unit (cont.)
- History [Mrs. Proulx] - Starting Mesopotamia Unit | Finishing Island Project
- Reading - Cause & Effect skill in Pipiolo story
- Spelling - Words: thus, square, moment, teacher, happy | Tests weekly
- Grammar - Irregular verbs (cont.) | Irregular Verbs ("be" to "fall") quiz Friday
- Writing - Word Choice and "Dress-ups" (cont.)

Progress Reports & Missing Work Lists
I will be sending progress reports home with the students via email this Wednesday. As a preparation, I gave each student that has missing work a list today of what I have not received from them. Please check with your student tonight and check over their missing work list. If they did not get one, then that means they have everything turned in! Eventually, I plan to simplify this process by doing it via email in the future.

Organization Ideas
I have had multiple parents, as well as students, telling me that it is difficult to stay organized with their binders and folders. Hang in there, because next week I will reveal an alternative option for your student to keep organized. I will detail the two choices on my website and then let you and your child decide what would work best for them. Stay tuned...

Upcoming Science Project
Mrs. Swain in the science lab wanted to make sure the parents read the following information about their upcoming project, so please read:

The Fifth Graders are constructing space projects to present in Science Lab on November 15, 2012. The projects are to be made at home using materials found in the home. Please do not go out and spend money on this project. Lego’s and similar toys can be used as part of the project if the design is original. No pre-made projects please. The projects should be small enough to fit on a desk top. Students may work in teams of two if this is convenient for the parents.
Ideas may include but are not limited to:
  • Design and build a model of a space station. Be sure to include information about the inside if not shown.
  • Create and package a space food or drink.
  • Design a space suit or a wardrobe.
  • Build a model of a biosphere on the moon. Show the inside.
  • Design a space shuttle to take the general public to the space.
  • Design a model of a robot or a Rover to use on another planet.
  • Create a tool that could be used in space.
  • Design a grocery store for space.
  • Design a sport to play in space or modify an earth sport to play in space.
Please e-mail any questions you might have about the project. Thank you for your help.

Mrs. Proulx's New Website!
Our very own Mrs. Proulx put together a website and took the big leap to make it public for all to see! Please visit her site by clicking HERE! I'm so proud of her! :-)

Person of the Week: Taylor Carpenter

Teacher Contact
Mr. Riedl - 503-977-5485 - aaron.riedl@whcs.org
Mrs. Proulx - 503-977-5488 - sylvia.proulx@whcs.org

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