Download mp3 of Books of the OT song

Earlier this week I posted the YouTube video of the song we are using in class to memorize the books of the Old Testament. In class I also announced that we will be making a lip dub video of the song to share with other West Hills students when we lead chapel on May 1st.

In order to provide as many ways as possible to memorize the song and prepare for the video, I have turned the YouTube video into an mp3 that you can download to listen to on your mp3 player, iPod, smartphone, or an other device that plays music. I have already put it into my Google Music account and am able to listen to it wherever I go.

I want to make sure I give credit to the original artist who created the song, victorianorman on YouTube. I am not sure if he sang the full version with the humorous baby carrot story, or if he created the animation, but that version is below as well.

Click on the file name below to download the file you want:
Books of the Old Testament (full version).mp3
Books of the Old Testament (slow version).mp3

If these links to download do not work, then click here to view my downloads page.