New Page: "Information for Students"

I decided to add a new page to my website, and it is related to my students' math test tomorrow. The new page is titled Information for Students and will often be used to provide info to my students without cluttering up my blog with stuff that only they are in need of.

An example of information that they might need is an answer key for math. Something I did often when I taught 8th grade math was give my students an answer key of the review assignment the night before a test. It was very helpful for many of the students because if they didn't have the answer key, then they didn't actually know if they were doing the problems correctly or not.

The answer key for tonight's math assignment is located on the Information for Students page. Many parents might be wondering why I would give the answers to the students, since they might just copy them onto their homework. My students know my policy for doing homework-- they must show their work! I need to see their work so that I can see how they solved the problem. So, if I get a homework assignment that only has answers written, then they do not get full credit for it.

Hopefully this is helpful for many students that want to honestly check their work and try to figure out how to get the correct answers. Learning from mistakes and correcting them is a great way to prepare for a test.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this new page, as I am curious to hear any feedback about it. Thanks so much,
--Mr. Riedl

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