FAQ: Before the first day...

At the beginning of the school year, there are many frequently asked questions that parents and students have for me. I will begin compiling these and post a FAQ list each year. If you have additional questions that are not on this list, feel free to comment below or contact me!

1. Where can I find the 5th grade school supply list?
The supply list can be found on the Forms & Resources page at whcs.org.

2. Would you recommend a binder or accordion folder for my child? Which is the best for keeping organized?
In general for the typical 5th grader, I would recommend a durable accordion folder. However, I understand that each student prefers their own method of organization, so I am fine with whatever works, as long as they stay organized. Please read my detailed comparison article for more info: Binders vs. Accordion Folders

3. May my child have different color composition books?
Yes, the students may have different colors of composition books. We just asked for black because they are usually easier to find in the stores. We can easily work with colors when differentiating between subjects, which I will talk about when we get organized on the first day of school.

4. Are colored dry erase markers okay to bring (rather than just black)?
For what I use dry erase markers for in my class, I am fine with whatever color they want, as long as they can read their own writing.

5. Do we need to bring our own combination lock for their lockers?
No, the lockers have built-in combination locks. If your child would like instructions on how to use a combination lock, I have created a step-by-step guide for them (with pictures!) here: How-To: Combination Lock

6. Is my child taught by both 5th grade teachers?
Yes, Mrs. Proulx and I switch the classes for two subjects: Science and History. Mrs. Proulx teaches all of the fifth graders History, and I teach all of the fifth graders Science. 

7. Any other questions? Feel free to write a comment below!