Corrections Form

Many students like to retake tests if they performed poorly on their first. However, if the retake has the exact same questions, it does not accurately reflect academic understanding. Additionally, many teachers know that it takes a lot of time to create another test with new questions just for a few students who want to retake it. Because of this, I only allow students to retake tests in certain circumstances (i.e., memorization exams).

In my classroom, students are encouraged to fill out a “Corrections Form” rather than retaking a test (or redoing an assignment). The purpose is to learn from their mistakes and earn credit back by doing meaningful work. This leads to a better understanding of the material.

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If a student chooses to complete the form, they will identify their mistakes, find the correct solution, and write down what they learned. This is not only helpful for the students, as they can now focus only on specific topics they need to re-learn, but it is also helpful for me as I get a better picture of whether or not they are actually understanding the material. With this form, they are encouraged to analyze their mistakes, seek out the answers, ask questions, and discover growth in their learning. The students are free to seek out help from me, another adult, friends, their textbook, the internet, or any other resource available to them. The bottom line is learning from their mistakes.

By completing the form properly and attaching it to their original test (or assignment), they can earn back ½ of the points they missed. I give all of my students the option to do this in order to give them a chance to more accurately demonstrate their academic understanding.

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Let me know if you have questions about the form or how to complete it. I provided several examples in the top rows of the sheet to help.

--Mr. Riedl