9/11 Videos Today During Exploratory

Today I showed my students three videos about September 11th for our Exploratory class. Since the 9/11 Memorial Museum opened this week, I wanted to share about the event with them. We had a great conversation about what happened that day, which occurred before they were even born. They asked many great questions! Although I'm not sure if they were just asking questions to stall before their Adverbs Test, which was next on the schedule... haha... but I'm pretty sure they were simply fascinated with the event and how big of a deal it was.

If you are a parent, please feel free to watch the videos below, and continue the conversation at home!
--Mr. Riedl

1) 9/11 Tribute Video - YouTube (uploaded 2006)
2) September 11 Memorial Opens in N.Y. - YouTube (uploaded 2011)
3) Take a look inside the new 9/11 museum - CNN (May 14, 2014)

Learn more about the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at www.911memorial.org.