I am now officially a Google Educator!

I'm so proud! I took several exams over the past week, and now I am officially a Google Educator!

Google for Education Learning Center Certifications is a site I recently discovered, which is a training site for teachers who show a commitment to lifelong learning, as well as a love for Google Apps for Education, and they want to make it official. The courses I took include:

Google for Education: Gmail
Google for Education: Docs & Drive
Google for Education: Calendar
Google for Education: Sites
Google for Education: Chrome
Google for Education: Chromebooks

There are many other courses and tools I want to learn more about, including Tablets with Google Play for Education, Classroom, YouTube, Google Maps for Education, Search, Implementing Google Apps, Digital Literacy for Educators, and so many more!! I'm looking forward to the future integration of technology and education. There is so much potential!

--Mr. Riedl

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