Summer Math Worksheets

Okay, it's only been about two weeks since school ended, so that was enough of a break... right?! Let's do some more work!!!

A couple of times throughout the school year, I mentioned to my students the importance of working on math over the summer. They understood that they don't want to forget the basic skills they worked so hard learning during the school year. I promised them that I would post math worksheets they can do each week over their summer break.

I found some resources online from St. Joseph School outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Their worksheets match a large majority of the problems I taught my students over the school year, so I thought it would be a great way to practice.

Worksheets (19 pages)
Answer Key

These worksheets are organized by "assignment." This means that when you reach "End of Assignment," then it is a good stopping point. There are 6 "assignments" altogether, so what I would do if I was making my own child do this, I would have them do one "assignment" every week or two. Some problems take just a few seconds to solve, while other problems might require an internet search because they forgot how to do it. :-)

Feel free to ask me questions about how to solve them. I'm available by email, text, or phone over the summer!
--Mr. Riedl

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