Arithmetic Practice

Research shows that it is important for students to master their basic math facts. Not only does mastering math facts aid in higher-level arithmetic, but also allows for shifts in brain activation patterns as they are learned. "Instruction and practice cause math fact processing to move from a quantitative area of the brain to one related to automatic retrieval." (source)

In our classroom, we will practice math facts using the links below. At least three times per week, we will have a regular time to complete them as quickly as possible with no mistakes. The benefit of using these links is that one will not be able to advance to the next problem until the correct answer is entered, thereby preventing students from skipping problems.

The purpose of this is to practice math facts fluency and to focus on GROWTH of our personal score. It is not about speed or how we do compared to one's peers. Since everyone is at different levels of growth, focusing on personal improvement is essential.

Addition Practice (120 seconds)
Subtraction Practice (120 seconds)
Multiplication Practice (120 seconds) 
Division Practice (120 seconds)

Addition AND Subtraction Practice (120 seconds)
Multiplication AND Division Practice (120 seconds) 

Practice with ALL (120 seconds)