Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. We are able to send quick, simple messages to any device. It is safe because it keeps phone numbers private. I only see your name, so information is safe and secure. Teachers, students, and parents have easy access to reporting tools and all message logs.

Usually I will use Remind to send one-way announcements to subscribers, who will receive them as texts, emails, or app notifications. However, if a parent has a question or concern, they can quickly respond by starting a two-way chat conversation. Any announcement or chat history can be downloaded at any time to stay safe.

Additionally, I can attach and send photos, voice clips, documents, presentations, PDFs, and more! I am able to watch in real time as students and parents respond to my announcements with stamps using the Remind app (on iOS or Android). Please follow the instructions below to subscribe to my class.

Subscribe to Remind: Select Your Class

After selecting your class below, you will be asked to choose between text or email alerts.

       Mr. Riedl's Class
       - Announcements, newsletters,
         and other classroom updates
       Mrs. Proulx's Science Class (taught by Mr. Riedl)
       - Announcements for Science class only

Download the App

Using the app on your mobile device has more options and advantages than text or email alerts. Choose between iOS or Android.

Once the app is downloaded, search for the class you want to join by entering the specific @classcode below:
 @whcs5r  << Mr. Riedl's Class
 @whcs5p-sci  << Mrs. Proulx's Science Class

How to Unsubscribe

Text: To stop receiving text messages from a specific class, reply to the last message and text UNSUBSCRIBE @classcode

Emails: To stop receiving emails, reply to the last email with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE.

Remind App: Select "Class Settings" and "Leave this class" at the bottom to unsubscribe from a specific class.

More info here: