Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

The classroom is a family and my intention is to treat everyone like family ought to treat one another.
- We will work through arguments and discussions in a respectful manner.

Every child who enters my classroom wants to grow and learn and be successful and has the capacity to do so.
- I strive to build a relationship with every single student in my class, get to know them, and help them use their gifts to succeed.

Every day is a new day with the opportunity to start anew.
- Forgiveness is a cornerstone in my life, and holding grudges is unacceptable.

Partnerships with teachers, administrators, and parents is essential for nurturing children.
- Providing consistency for the students is how they will thrive.

I, as the teacher, also desire to learn as I teach the children to do so.
- My goal is to learn, grow, and mature until my last breath and share with the students my experiences with learning.

Hard work is required for success.
- Laziness is not rewarded in life and is not rewarded in my classroom.

Education is the bedrock of humanity.
- We will learn everything from A to Z, including social skills and how to manage behavior.

I am here to help parents and students achieve success.
- I am available during my lunch period and after school if a student needs help or if a parent wants to chat.