Newsletter: Week 28 of 37

Mr. Johnson's read aloud outside
April 11 - 15, 2016

   I hope you're enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! Check out the newly scheduled dates and info below for the final Neighborhood House trips this Spring. Make it a great week, everyone!

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 12 - Aladdin After School Practice (3-5pm)
  • Apr 19 - Aladdin After School Practice (3-5pm)
  • Apr 21 - Aladdin After School Practice (3-5pm)
  • Apr 22 - Aladdin Performances! (8:30am & 7:00pm)
  • Apr 26 - Field Trip: Neighborhood House Group 1 (details below)
  • May 04 - Progress Reports Emailed
  • May 10 - Field Trip: Neighborhood House Group 2 (details below)
  • [more] - click to view calendar

Curriculum and Exams

  • Bible - Lesson 16: Samuel | Verse: 1 Samuel 12:20 |
  • Math - Chapter 7
  • Science - Energy, Work, and Machines Unit
  • Social Studies [Mrs. Proulx] - Byzantine Empire Unit
  • Reading - Story of the Week: Black Cowboy
  • Read Aloud - Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
  • Writing - Daily microwriting
  • Spelling - In-class practice | Weekly assessment in Exploratory
  • Grammar - Adverbs Unit
  • Other - None

Neighborhood House: Final Trips!

We only have one more trip for each group to visit Neighborhood House! The first group will be volunteering on Tuesday, April 26th (the students in the group will be determined at a later date). The second group will be going on Tuesday, May 10th. Please remember that the students should wear good shoes to walk in, bring a rain jacket in case it rains on our 15 minute walk to Multnomah Village, and clothes they don't mind getting dirty when we are there volunteering. It would be great if all students would bring two items to donate (one for each trip). Let me know if you have any questions and click here for more info.

Person of the Week

Madeleine Dutt!

Other School-wide Events

Visit the News & Events page to learn more about other school-wide events at West Hills Christian School. Please subscribe to stay updated. Thanks so much!

Teacher Contact

Mr. Riedl | | 503-756-3309 |
Mrs. Proulx | visit her website | 503-977-5488 |

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