A Snicker of Magic

A Snicker of Magic, by Natalie Lloyd, is a great work of art. All types of art are found in this story: word art (such as poetry), fine art (like painting), and the art of discovering depth of character in relationships. Felicity is a girl whose mom drags her and her sister around from city to city, as they travel from place to place. Her mom is trying to start a new life, only to find that each time something goes wrong. Felicity wants her family to stay planted so they can learn from their mistakes and not keep starting over each time. Throughout this intricately woven mix of characters in the small town of Midnight Gulch, Felicity and her friend Jonah learn about the history of the town and the magic there once was in it. It wasn't until the magic left the town and curses loomed behind, affecting the families decades after.

What I love most about this book was the character development. They all were at odds with each other and gradually found love to be the connecting piece to allow for healing to occur. Often we find ourselves so distant from one another, especially with social media disconnecting us from real authenticity, and this book was a great example of how being brave and working on going deep with one another can lead us to growth with our friends and families.

--Mr. Riedl