Classroom Economy

Welcome, students!

My desire for our Classroom Economy is that we would not only have fun earning money and spending money, but that we would also learn how to use pretend money in a real-life way. As you earn a salary for working at your classroom job, you will need to pay rent on your locker, pay fines if you have to, and also prepare for possible life circumstances recreated in the classroom. Do your very best as we navigate this financial journey together!

  • Pay Day - Last school day of the month
  • Rent Due - First school day of the month
  • Fine Days - Every Friday
  • Auction Day - Friday before Pay Day
  • View the Classroom Calendar for specific dates

CLICK HERE to access your account in RIEDL BANK.

 $100 - Extracurricular Activities (sports, music, tutoring, Read Naturally, clubs, etc.)
 $100 - Khan Academy (for every 100,000 energy points earned)
 $200 - Special compliment from another adult
 $100 - 100% on a test
   $50 - 100% on a quiz
   $50 - Community Service (for every hour volunteering)
 $200 - Book Review   >> click here to submit your book review <<
             - Book must be at least 150 pages
             - Review must be at least 150 words in length
             - Read: Mr. Riedl's example Book Reviews

 -$500 - Dishonesty
 -$100 - Rudeness
 -$100 - Messy notebook box
   -$50 - Left materials in locker
   -$50 - Off-task behavior
   -$50 - Job infraction