Mr. Riedl is now on Instagram!

I have absolutely fallen in love with Instagram! It is such a wonderful collection of photographic artwork. Now, in a fun, new way, I can simply utilize this resource with the photos I have already been taking of the classroom, students, and our school community!

Photos are a great way to capture memories and are even easier now that we have smartphones and other mobile devices. Although I am too young to remember the Kodak Instamatic, I do remember using Polaroids and often used the catchphrase "Kodak moment." Maybe we will soon be saying "Insta-moment"?

Many of my students have told me they are already on Instagram, so be sure to connect with me!
UPDATE: I just discovered the Instagram Terms of Use states that one must be at least 13 years old to use the service. Please understand that I do not condone breaking the law.

My user name is mrriedl. Check out my first two photos below!