Señor Pez

Big news!

When we come back from Spring Break, we will be adopting a new class pet! One of our 5th graders and their family will be generously donating a Paradise fish to our classroom, and he will become a wonderful part of our community.

I decided to give him a name before he even entered our classroom because of how perfect it is. His name will be Señor Pez! The reason this is the perfect name is because the Spanish word for fish is Pez. I thought it was too good to be true, so I looked up the difference between two Spanish words for fish: Pez and Pescado. Pez refers to a fish swimming freely, while Pescado refers to a fish caught or to be caught for food. I think we should just stick to eating Pez candy rather than our new pet.

Additionally, I will be creating a new classroom job to shore up the responsibilities for feeding him. This new job will be called "Veterinarian" and will likely be a popular one. The responsibilities will include feeding him and helping clean his tank.

Feel free to visit Señor Pez's page, where you can feed his virtual counterpart and see a photo of him. You can also leave comments for him at the bottom of his page to give him warm greetings as he adjusts to his new home!

--Señor Riedl