St. Nicholas vs. WestJet Christmas Miracle

Today I showed my students two videos: St. Nicholas - The Real Santa Claus and WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving. Both videos are embedded below. Many of you may have already seen the WestJet video since it has gone viral due to its clever way to capture the hearts of those not expecting it at an airport.

We discussed how St. Nicholas was a Christian, worshiped Jesus, and with his wealth he gave to those in need. Then, watching how Christmas has become a joy to not only Christians, we talked about how the love of gift-giving can extend far beyond one man, into big businesses, blessing even those who are waiting for their luggage at a baggage claim.

My class has first grade reading buddies, who we meet with bi-weekly to spend time doing activities and read with. Their Christmas Party was scheduled for this afternoon, so it seemed appropriate to get an idea of how they were feeling about giving their $5 gifts to their buddies. It was great to hear feedback about how we should give gifts because we care about the other person, rather than because we expect something in return. Showing love by blessing others is foundational in understanding the Christmas story.

Giving and receiving all started with God. As we are image bearers of him, continually seeing examples of this throughout history and now, today, it is amazing to see how God can work in the lives of others to bring joy.

Enjoy the two videos!

St. Nicholas - The Real Santa Claus

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

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