Graded Work Returned Neatly

After much thought about this, I have decided to change the way I return graded work to students. In my previous system, I allowed the students to pass back graded papers to their fellow students, which they enjoyed very much, but unfortunately they have made mistakes. Students occasionally receive someone else's work and then do not return it to the rightful owner. I can also understand that it must be frustrating for parents who want to help teach their children how to be responsible students, and yet, if their graded work never comes home, helping them becomes nearly impossible.

From now on, I will store all of the work graded throughout the week in the red Student Folders crate. The students do not have permission to take anything out of this or put anything into it. On Thursday afternoons, an adult will staple each student's graded work together, and the student will take it home to review with their parents. Please find a dedicated location at home to keep graded work every week. It can be a drawer, basket, box, etc. with the student's name on it, as long as it is organized and in one dedicated spot. NEVER get rid of graded work until after they receive their report cards at the end of the term. This is important if there happens to be a mistake in the gradebook, then the student can show me it was indeed completed and graded, avoiding the need to completely redo their assignment.

Hopefully this will help with organization and keeping track of student progress. It would be great if parents get into the routine of asking their child(ren) for their weekly packet after school every Thursday, scanning through their work to see how the week went. Having it all stapled together seems so much neater and easier to deal with than loose papers all over the place.

Thanks so much,
--Mr. Riedl

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