Newsletter: Week 18 of 37

Ultimate during recess
January 20 - 24, 2014

   Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to you! Dr. King's life is an amazing part of our history, so be sure to thank God today for how He used him to help us be more loving to others. Since we don't have school today, we'll pick up where we left off on Tuesday. Lots of changes have been taking place recently regarding classroom procedures... please read more below. Make it a great week, everyone!

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 23 - Take Action Inc. Kick-Off
  • Jan 27 - Parent Meeting (7pm)
  • Jan 28 - Crusader Chorale After School Rehearsal (3:10-4:10pm)
  • Feb 03 - No School (Professional Development Day)
  • Feb 07 - Wear West Hills Day! ShoSchooSpirit!     
  • Feb 12 - Progress Reports emailed
  • Feb 14 - Patriotic Party (2:10pm in our classroom)
  • Feb 17 - No School (Presidents Day)
  • Feb 27 - Oregon Symphony Field Trip (8:45-11am)
  • [more] - click to view calendar

Curriculum and Exams

  • Bible - Lesson 7: Moses Fears God | Quiz 1/30: Lesson 7 & Hebrews 10:11-12 (link)
  • Math - Chapter 4 (cont.) | Quiz Tuesday: Chapter 4A
  • Science - Light & Sound Unit (cont.) | Test Wednesday: Light & Sound Unit
  • Social Studies [Mrs. Proulx] - Begin Ancient Greece Unit
  • Reading - Begin Fables Unit
  • Writing - Sentence Openers (cont.) in the paragraph Quicksand
  • Spelling - Addressed informally, taken from various writing activities | No new unit
  • Grammar - Verbs Unit (cont.) | Quiz Friday: Irregular verbs memorization (Part 3 of 3)
  • Music [Mrs. Brumley] - No updates

Changes to the Classroom Calendar and Homework Page

I had a great conversation with my students last week about the benefits of having homework posted daily on my website. They gave me some great feedback. Even though most of the students keep their own calendar by hand, they still appreciate knowing that they can access it online if they need to. I decided to change the formatting of the Homework Page slightly. Clicking on the calendar to view the homework assignments is no longer needed. Now, it is right at the top of the page to view quickly and easily. The calendar will now only be used for long-term assignments and upcoming exams, as well as what it has been used for in the past (parties, school-wide events, etc.). Check it out!

New System for Returning Graded Work

If you have not read my post last week about my new system for returning graded work to the students, please click here, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

New System for Delivering Consequences

If you have not read my post last week about my new system for delivering consequences to the students, please click here, and again, feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Person of the Week

Cameron Wilder!

Other School-wide Events

Visit the News & Events page to learn more about other school-wide events at West Hills Christian School. Please subscribe to stay updated. Thanks so much!

Teacher Contact

Mr. Riedl | | 503-609-0109 |
Mrs. Proulx | visit her website | 503-977-5488 |

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