Updates to Riedlteach.com

I have updated a few pages on or relating to my website that will hopefully be helpful to you.

The Classroom Photos & Videos page has been updated with easy-to-access links to my Mr. Riedl Google+ page (photos) and my YouTube channel (videos).

I added a new album to the classroom photos collection: Cave Canum Mosaic Art 2014-04-17. Be sure to check it out and browse the beauty of variety in our students' art projects!

On the front page of Riedlteach.com, I have added several small buttons below the main 6 sections of my website. Those buttons are quick links to commonly accessed pages:

Lastly, I updated the Forms & Resources page awhile ago. It only has a few items right now. I am wanting to put more forms online for families to access at home, but I would love feedback to know which ones would be most useful. Please let me know by replying or leaving a comment. Thanks!